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"Fresh" Montana Ingredients

Located in the heart of RSVP Motel BZN, this cafe takes you through the fields and farms of Montana with each fresh ingredient. A local farm-to-table fare is available right at your fingertips and tasty bites are only a few steps outside your door. The ambiance marries glamour and down-home charm for an epicurean paradise.

With coffee, wine, and beer on offer all day we
always encourage a little fun to be had...

No judgements here!

Wild Adventures

Organic smoothies and juices help you start the day off right and light, or load up for a day of exploration with a hearty and healthy protein bowl. Grab n’ go salads and wraps make lunch easy and delicious, whether you’re heading out on wild adventures or lounging poolside.

Meet Our Head Chef

Raechel Haverstick

I’ve been passionate about cooking from a very young age, I’ve always helped my mom and grandma in the kitchen. I followed in their footsteps around the kitchen and eventually found my way to taking the next step by making it my career. The best way for me to show someone I love them is by cooking for them. I want every customer to feel welcomed and cared for when they come through our doors. I deeply care about people and this translates into my mission to prepare locally sourced organic food in ways that can include anyone with any dietary restrictions. I want everyone to feel at home when they dine with me, because to me this is my home and every customer is a guest to be cared for. Work is love made visible and I take that to heart.

I am an artist inspired by nature and growing up in Montana has provided a wealth of inspiration. When I am not in the kitchen I can be found in my artist’s studio or fly fishing on a nearby river. When the summer comes around I take advantage of every farmer’s market possible and it is a privilege to take such wonderful ingredients and share them with everyone.

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